Dear Mum, I’m going to be an astronaut.

Dear Blog,
I haven’t written in you for a very long time, I’m sorry, I’ve been out exploring the world.
Actually no, I’ve been exploring the University of New South Wales.
Well really basically the Law building, Stellini Pasta Bar and a few trips to the Mathews building. I don’t know where anything else is.
Seriously, some guy asked me for directions last week, I had no idea what he was talking about. He may as well have asked for directions to the moon, I probably would have a better idea.
But regardless of my innate sense of misdirection, I have rather enjoyed the last two months of school. I have made a steady stream of friends who I will refer to as ‘those law school buddies of mine’ for the remainder of my life, I’ve found a place where I can pick up a decent cup of coffee and I seem to know what’s going on in class (except for criminal law, no idea what the hell goes on in there).
UNSW has proven interesting. The narrow alleyways between buildings remind me somewhat of London and the flash currents of air through the wind tunnel of a main walkway keep the campus cool regardless the temperature. Whilst I miss the peace of the main quadrangle of Sydney Uni and ‘my spot’ at JDV in Lidcombe, I feel like there is a place for my here in Kensington.
Whilst this sense of tranquility may be purely a result of my mid semester assessments being finished, or the fact I don’t have any set reading for the next couple of weeks, knowing that I’m not pulling out my hair is a good sign.

Or maybe this is just what Stockholm syndrome feels like?

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